How Do I Log in to Webmail?


Webmail is a way to access, use, and manage email from a browser. Use it to securely access your email without needing to download additional email software. It can work across most devices with an internet connection, including PCs, Tablets, and Mobile devices.


The following are common issues which may prevent access:

- Recently registered or transferred domains will take time to propagate, continue if you cannot access webmail through your domain.
- Connections over HTTPS require an SSL certificate covering the webmail area. Get a free SSL now!


On cPanel, the easiest way to access and log in to webmail is through your browser’s address bar. If you have already set up your domain name, this can be either https://yourdomain.tld/webmail or https://yourdomain.tld:2096.


cpanel webmail login page


If you’re unable to access the mailbox through your domain, you can use the server’s hostname/ip address alongside either /webmail or :2096. The hostname for your server will be contained within your welcome email, for more information check out the access control panel article.


Access Webmail via cPanel


As an admin user, cPanel lets you access email accounts directly. To do this, follow on from below.

  • Firstly, log in to cPanel. Under the email section, click email accounts”.
  • Next, to access webmail. Click “check email”.

Email area in cPanel

  • Afterward, select 'open' on the roundcube window

Open and configure your mailbox

Using any of the above methods allows you to securely access your mailbox quickly. However, it does lack the extended features provided by standalone email software.


Using Other Email Software

If you want or need the extended features provided by email software, you may benefit from our existing guide on setting up your email account in outlook.

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