Remote Desktop Connection is the most used tool to connect to servers or computers with a Windows Operating system. However, for beginners and even the most experienced professionals, it sometimes is not easy to work out how to connect to your brand new server.

In this article, we will explain how to connect to your server via Remote Desktop from your DragonHive Hosting portal.

Getting your IP

Firstly,  to connect to your server, you are going to need your IP, this is so that your PC and your server can establish a connect to each other. Your IP can be viewed from the services tab of your client area, as shown below:

Image is blanked out due to confidential information.

Ensure that you copy this IP to your clipboard.

Opening Remote Desktop

Next, to connect to your server, you are going to need to open the actual application used to connect.
So, open your start menu and begin to time "Remote Desktop Connection", the following should show:

This will open the following window:

Then enter the IP copied from your client area and enter it into the 'Computer:' field and click connect.


Connecting to your server

Once clicking 'Connect', a window prompt will pop up, requesting the log in details for the server:

Then, press the More choices button, followed by the 'Use a different account' button:

Then enter the username 'Administrator', followed by the password set when you bought the server:

If you cannot remember the password you set, you can create a new one using the VPS's settings panel in the DragonHive Hosting Client area:

Once entering your details, click the 'OK' button, followed by the 'Yes' button on the next prompt:

That's it, you are now logged into your server via Remote Desktop Connection!


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